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AthleticSOS was built to reward every high school student-athlete for their hard work, dedication and sacrifice. Discovering personalized athletic scholarship and academic opportunities are just a few clicks away.

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1. What is AthleticSOS
AthleticSOS is a Cloud-based software platform designed to help high school athletes research college opportunities and options. Its browser agnostic, responsive design allows it to work with virtually any internet connected computer, tablet, or smart phone.
2. How is it different from other Recruiting Services or Websites?
AthleticSOS gives the families of student-athletes direct access to tools and information needed to research and discover colleges and universities that best match them academically (GPA, SAT/ACT) and athletically. Families can then work with their high school or club/travel coach to contact the collegiate coaches to inform them of their interest in becoming a student-athlete at that college or university. Other recruiting services either have you join their massive student-athlete databases where you 'hope' to be discovered by a college coach, or they limit your choices by controlling their research tools, which severely limits your school choices and the ability to find the best college match for your student athlete. We believe the student-athlete and their family are best suited to research and discover their best college fit.
Does AthleticSOS work with Smart Phones & Tablets?
Yes. Any device that can utilize a modern web browser ie. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc., can be used to access AthleticSOS. You will need internet access, as AthleticSOS is a cloud-based application.
High School, Club/Travel, Solo...What is the difference in the programs?
There are a number of functional and technical differences within the various programs, but the major difference revolves around the 'Academic Only' feature. High School - 'Academic Only' feature is available by default. Club/Travel - 'Academic Only' is an optional feature. Solo Program - 'Academic Only' feature is not included.
How do I know at which level I can play?
We recommend student-athletes ask their high school or travel/club coach which level they believed the player could realistically participate in at the collegiate level. It doesn't force the athlete to go with the coach's opinion, but they will most likely need to use their coach as a reference if they want to secure an athletic scholarship.
Selecting the Right School for You
Many of our members ask us how do I choose the right school. The truth is we can't possibly answer that question for you, because all of you have unique goals. but in our opinion you should keep these three things in mind. Seek a school that you would attend even if athletics were not involved. Ensure the school will help you reach your education goals. Don't select a school that will leave you saddled with life altering debt after graduation.